September 30, 2022

Helping out John & Jane at Tour & Taxis Brussels with Blue Dolphin Logistics

On Tuesday we were asked by the John & Jane audiovisual crew to come and join them into setting up all things necessary for a big business event soon to be happening at Tour & Taxis.

It's definitely not the first time working with Blue Dolphin Logistics for me, nor with John & Jane actually; But still, this one felt slightly different than normal! Let me explain.

In a way the abusive amounts of light gear, trusses, and flight cases reminded me a bit of my natural VJ habitat. That's unlike many other 'logistic' jobs, where all you get to work with are a few dozen of chairs, tables, candles, and cups. And if you're very lucky, maybe you'll get to set up a lamp or two, on a stick. ;-)

Although it was a physically tiring workday at Tour & Taxis, it was definitely worth the sweat! Working along friendly and motivated staff plays a huge role in this of course.

August 2, 2022

Nostalgie Beach Festival Stagehands with Blue Dolphin Logistics

Close to Ramstein's concert physically but very far from it musically, we're helping to build up Nostalgie Beach Festival located at Maritiem Park, Nieuwpoort.

This major 70s-80s throwback event requires as good as 10 days of non-stop building up, and 3 days of tearing everything down again. The sun is shining bright, and I'm ready to get my worker's tan (-:

August 1, 2022

Ramstein Oostende Stagehands with Blue Dolphin Logistics

Today with Blue Dolphin Logistics we had to help arranging the VIP tent on Ramstein's concert terrain located at De Nieuwe Koers, Oostende.

These were the three main rules:

  • Don't take any pictures on-site
  • Be productive and pleasant to work with
  • Stay f*ckin' hydrated

July 21, 2022

AMUZO Summer Bar at Dilbeek’s Town Hall by Sound & Co

Sound & Co did it again. They delivered a great composition with their hardware, and managed to put a good light operator on the job. Making the whole audiovisual experience high level, especially for such a (relatively) small town that is Dilbeek.

If you'd need any audiovisual rental services in the area, Sound & Co have been doing it for quite a while now. And you could say that their quality established so far is known and confirmed across the region and beyond.

Light beam reflections where used on the mirror ball at night

June 30, 2022

First job w/ Blue Dolphin Logistics

A few weeks back when I heard on the national news that rental companies were desperately looking for some helping hands with stage building this festival season, I was already hyped up! I felt like a key tailored to fit that specific lock.

But what they also mentioned on that same news topic is how those companies apparently also want you to have at least some experience with stage building and its safety measures. That's where they found this solution: A 2-week fast-track course where you're supposed to be taught all of the hardcore basics in order to get started, that came with a price tag of €350.

Hyped-up and ready to enroll I was, until I expressed my desire to follow such a course to my fellow classmate Vic, who happened to have some work experience in that specific field, working as a student under Blue Dolphin Logistics.

I asked him if he needed any experience prior to starting there, and was surprised to find out that wasn't a requirement for them. So very naturally I sent them an email, and next thing I know I'm here in Merelbeke learning how to put up a big tent whilst being paid to do so.

June 28, 2022

Prom Night Roeselare @Fabriekspand

Much like my previous VJ gig in Roeselare, this event served a broad range of musical genres. Along with some great Funk and throwback RnB Classics, there was also a heavy dose of Techno and DnB to be enjoyed. It's lovely to have some variation throughout the night like that.

I was reminded once more how much of a 'hack' my Hackintosh truly is. It seemed I was unable to boot my system at first. Kept on restarting my desktop without much success. Had to boot up in safe-mode first, and was relieved to see my system behave normally when restarting it once more after that.

Another moment of slight adrenaline: Overcoming my fear of heights. Like last gig, I helped the logistics crew with breaking down the stage structure. Although this time, I was asked to remove some safety locks holding the light trusses securely on the ceiling. Which required both a ladder, and lots of confidence... But I managed after all!