September 1, 2022

Bought a Google Pixel 6A after owning a refurbished Google Pixel 2 for a while

I did it. I bought myself the (relatively) new Google Pixel 6A. It's the budget version of their 6 Pro flagship phone. Already owning a refurbished Pixel 2, and thus being quite familiar with the Google smartphone experience myself, I knew that my next mobile device had to be a Google Pixel as well.

Let me tell you, it does not disappoint. If you're looking for the most pure / true Android Software Experience to be found on a smartphone out there, Google Pixel is where you should be looking.

The hardware is not all too bad either! They have a great camera that comes close to competing with those available on iPhones. This is mainly because of the Pixel's A.I. constantly rectifying the images, in real time.

Also, here's my attempt in trying to make my home screen as much productive / anti-distractions-like as possible.

August 27, 2022

Got myself some quite effective Night Glassesᵀᴹ :-)

Actually, they're the Somnilight Amber Sleep Glasses to be correct. And I totally love them.

As an all-nighter VJ / daytime worker, I'm forced into the Dolphin Sleep Chronotype (I'm usually more of a Wolf Chronotype).

Drastically toning down all incoming blue light for a few hours before going to bed helps a whole lot for me personally.

August 6, 2022

About the MidJourney and Dall-E 2 A.I. prompt image generating softwares

I recently received my confirmation/invite from Dall-E 2. I might want to try out a few prompts on their platform, although I've seen some bad opinions rise up around the software.

As for MidJourney, apparently the only way to create an AI generated image from a prompt is to use their Discord server. As mentioned before in my post about not wanting to be present on social media, I'm not planning to join any other such platform any time soon. This indeed includes Discord, so no MidJourney for me.

July 26, 2022

My ‘Empty’ Social Media Feeds

Here's an overview of my social media feeds. Notice anything specific?

That's right! They are all empty. (Except for my own content on Instagram and some poorly targeted advertising on LinkedIn).

Believe it or not, I still have the habit embedded in my brain of opening up each and every single one of those apps on my phone multiple times a day... Good thing that there's nothing to see there anymore! I'm aware it saves me a lot of time.

Now, there is one exception: YouTube.

For multiple reasons I just can't seem to work around this one. One reason might be that I'm genuinely inspired by longer format, high-quality content.

Another very real reason might be that even if you'd choose to unsubscribe from all channels, pause your watch history, and remove all of your likes in order to neutralize the suggestion algorithm; It would still be trained by your Google (search) activity. Since Google owns YouTube, and your recommendations are synced across your Google account.

I'll have to figure that one out properly. But I already see how tackling my Google account can indirectly affect my YouTube feed.

July 23, 2022

Noticed 3 main themes across blog posts

I noticed 3 recurring themes across most of my blog posts:

  • VJing / Video Operating / Stage Building
  • Anti Social Media / Digital Distractions
  • Conceptual Thinking / Artistic Insights

This implies I might be able to use hashtags / labels in order to better group my individual posts together within those predefined main themes.