November 9, 2022

STIMULAR III Pictures [Jefke Jamotte & Manon Zwartjes]

Here are some snapshots taken by Jefke Jamotte and Manon Zwartjes during the STIMULAR III event at VIERNULVIER Ghent, were I got invited as a guest VJ by the Video Mapping Wizard Felix Ysenbaert.

October 22, 2022

11 Passions by 11 Students for 11 Years of LUCA School of Arts

I feel honored to be chosen as one of the 11 students to be showcased through a so-called artist portrait interview for the 11 Years of LUCA School of Arts, handpicked by the teachers across all 5 LUCA Campuses. Feel free to check out my portrait video below, highlighting the future of animation and VJing.

October 8, 2022

A fresh batch of stickers with brand new design just got delivered in the mailbox

Here they are. Finally! My new stickers.

Been struggling quite some time to get them just right.

But this whole design simply works. It's bold and edgy at the same time!

If I do say so myself. ╮( ˘ ³˘)╭

Honestly can't wait to spread them around in the city, and beyond.

Hit me up if you'd like some for yourself! * always happy to share *

August 24, 2022

My stickers are already gaining visibility in the city 👀

Feeling totally flattered to notice an Instagram-user going by the handle "@m_a_g_i_q_u_e_s" posting an image of one of my TROWFLOX stickers on their profile.

Funny to me is how I don't seem to recognize the red background my sticker is applied to. This implies some of my friends probably took a few of my stickers to spread them around the city themselves.

Thanks, you guys! :-)

August 8, 2022

Time for some old stickers to be replaced by a new design!

Wanting to start designing my new stickers, I can't wait for my old batch to run out so I can go and start to produce my new version of stickers.

In order to speed up that whole process, I might have to go a night out in Brussels and take all of my old stickers that I've left to put them all over the city. So I can start to focus on the new ones, while my presence in the city will be enhanced even further.

Keep you updated! ;-)

July 27, 2022

TROWFLOX Logo Animation Update

Here it is! The animated version of my TROWFLOX logo update.

Previously, I used the Lottie framework to embed my animation on my website using JavaScript. The main advantage? Extremely low file sizes.

Planning to do the same with this new animation, I stumbled upon a major problem. The Lottie plugin for After Effects does not support Ae's native Effects. As you probably can tell from my HD render below, I used tons of effects on this one.

So after comparing the alternatives available to me, I decided that using an animated GIF was the best option. Biggest downside? It significantly reduces the original quality to a point where important details get lost in the final version. What's the upside? It automatically plays once on page-load, and then freezes the very last frame. Which is exactly what I need it to do.

July 6, 2022

TROWFLOX Creative Sticker Composition

Since I produced some 'failed' sticker batches in the past, I thought I might as well reincorporate them into bigger sticker compositions wherever my original stickers are already sticking on.

That's when you get something like in the pictures below.

It does look cool this way, although I'd love for all these separate elements to actually exist in one single sticker in the future. That's why I'm currently working on sketches for a redesign. Stay tuned, and keep your eyes open in the city! 👀

July 5, 2022

TROWFLOX New Logo Update [!]

Here it is! The TROWFLOX Logo Update.

The core/base stays the same: A tilted combination of the green triangle, circle, and rectangle.

A custom metallic typeface is added, as a nod towards the whole rave/cyberpunk aesthetic.

The five symbols represent from left to right:

  • Path RECTANGLE - Balance CIRCLE - Expression TRIANGLE
  • (User) Experience to the outside & (Loving) Friendship from the inside

Next step? Animating this baby! Can't wait, seriously.

June 21, 2022

Check out my new webpage!

It's a complete overview of all my VJ gigs so far, listed one after the other.

I'm quite proud of it, if I do say so myself. :-)

May 31, 2022

Some VJ beauty shots

Here's a collection of some nice shots taken during my most recent gigs. All 9 events took place after lockdown. Things have been moving, improving, surviving, and thriving once again.

May 23, 2022

Temporary poster for #FSTR

This is my temporary poster design for the 'From Slaves to Raves' Bachelor project.

Still need to get some feedback from the teachers, so it might get refined a bit more in the end.

May 6, 2022

Sticker development

Slowly running out of stickers, I decided to go for a new design. But clearly I've been struggling to get it just right.

My previous stickers included screenshots of my VDMX workstation, along with some renders created using the software, and a '@trowflox' tag.

Now I've been experimenting with my randomly generated Digital Dimensions record covers. Problem is, thinking my previous stickers were a bit too large, I went way too small this time making the elements in the designs hard to distinguish.

Also, I figured I might as well use my '@trowflox' tag again, which I seem to have forgotten (twice!). So back to the drawing board I guess.

April 1, 2022

Generative album covers in the making

For the Digital Dimensions courses, I previously experimented with quadTrees in P5.js. Squares got replaced by circles, circles by abstract drawings, and then I ended up throwing in a bunch of other stuff.

I'm working with a random color picker from a defined palette here, also numbers are getting displayed randomly as 'labels'. The horizontal / vertical / bidirectional grid structures are drawn with some spacing in-between, that once again gets defined by elements of chance. Also messing around with push() & pop() transforms, and the P5.js filters such as blur and threshold.

Next steps? Minting these randomly generated artworks as NFT's on fx(hash), with some Tezos the teacher provided me. And of course, using video projection mapping again. The idea would be to project the generative artworks upon several blank record sleeves on a physical shelf, as if they were ever-changing cover art designs, for final presentation purposes.

Below is a video of me presenting the whole concept to my fellow classmates and the teacher, in Dutch.

Also, check out some of the uniquely generated album covers below the screen capture video.

March 2, 2022

TROWFLOX Logo Origin Story

So where does this particular shape come from? Some say it reminds them of a cool 80's logo, other say it looks like a d*ck... When in fact it's just a combination of the three, most basic, primary shapes.

The rectangle stands for PATH, and therefore also the 'long term vision' of bigger (video) productions. The upside down triangle stands for EXPRESSION, and focusses on the 'here and now' of live VJ gigs. And finally there's the circle in the middle, holding both the rectangle and the triangle together, representing a healthy BALANCE between both the future and the present. As well as the linear thinking (or visualizing) and the actively doing (or creating) that come together in all great designs.

created back in 2018, after brainstorming