February 15, 2023

Aftermovies of events I VJed at x3

Recently I VJed at the following 3 events

  • Proxic 6 Year Anniversary, Area V Hasselt 27th of January
  • Blurrd Unrecognizable Experience, Area V Hasselt 28th of January
  • Toxic Noir B-Day Bash, Ampere Antwerp 3rd of February

Every single one of those gigs were enriching experiences for their own specific reasons.

Proxic marked my first performance on a vertical screen, Blurrd took place on my own 26th Birthday, and Toxic made me reappreciate the Ampere club as a safe space to blend with strangers, as it was before pandemic times.

January 3, 2023

Invaderz x Bad Habitz NYE Edition

I got to start 2023 by doing what I love to do most, VJing. Managed to make both the NYE countdown and the intro to the EXERT audiovisual set work seamlessly. There also was a very hard set of the one and only Gladde Paling on the menu. Knowing almost all of his songs by heart, it was obviously a huge pleasure for me to VJ along.

I received plenty of compliments from various people about my work that night. This makes me indescribably happy!

December 30, 2022

Recollect, a collaboration of visual artists

At the BLANCO Open Space in Gent, 14 visual artist gathered to showcase their collection of close collaborations between Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th of December, with the support of 3 musical acts.

My personal contribution consisted in displaying a slight variation of my generative album covers on a couple of CRT TV screens (made available by Felix Ysbear), and to provide some random content to be displayed on the main cube by pre-recording a VJ jam session on it.

Here are some snapshots below, to set the mood.

December 24, 2022

This was Next Dimension X-MAS Edition

It was a gig of many firsts.

  • First time working with this lovely crew. (I'm sure we'll meet again in the future)
  • First gig in the German-speaking part of the country for me.
  • First time VJing on stage, right next to the DJs.

It feels extremely nice to be able to share one common energy with the artists you look up to on stage, facing the same hyped-up crowd, together.