August 6, 2022

About the MidJourney and Dall-E 2 A.I. prompt image generating softwares

I recently received my confirmation/invite from Dall-E 2. I might want to try out a few prompts on their platform, although I've seen some bad opinions rise up around the software.

As for MidJourney, apparently the only way to create an AI generated image from a prompt is to use their Discord server. As mentioned before in my post about not wanting to be present on social media, I'm not planning to join any other such platform any time soon. This indeed includes Discord, so no MidJourney for me.

June 4, 2022

To build further on my previous post

I tried generating several text prompt based A.I. experiments today using the DALL-E mini GitHub project. It's an unofficial (and extremely simplified) version of the DALL-E 2 software I was talking about earlier. Check out my 'creations' below.

And keep in mind, I didn't touch any virtual brush, Photoshop- or 3d modeling tool in order to make these. Just text, literally a few words. Around 50 seconds, that's how long it took on average to produce each and every one of those uniquly generated images that didn't exist before.

June 3, 2022

We need to talk about the role of A.I. for the future of visual artists

It's all over the internet. The new technology that will kill digital art (and soon also computer animation) in the same way the camera device killed photorealistic painting back in the 1800's: Artificial Intelligence.

Or more specifically, DALL-E 2 (running on OpenAI).

Those who thought their job was safe from 'being replaced by robots' merely because of the potential of their human creativity ... well, those people were dead wrong (incl. myself). The same goes for music artists by the way, not only visual artists. Feel free to branch off to this really good blog post written by the people at Emakina.

But, let's not fear of course, because true artists will always find a way around such contemporary challenges.

A.I. (and it's underlying algorithms) will soon have to become nothing more than just 'another color to choose from, on the wide palette of indefinitely various digital tools'.

That will in the end be what distinguishes us, ever innovating, and creative human beings from completely automated systems: We will once again have to 'learn and adapt' to our increasingly complex surroundings, in the same many (audiovisual) artists were forced to do so before us.

February 17, 2022

What’s under the hood?

My new love for the open-case desktop format

Having built a Hackintosh myself, I tend to appreciate the nerdy side of dektop building.

When I stumbled upon this piece by Egor Kraft, visiting the NTAA at Zebrastraat Ghent, I totally fell in love with the way the artwork presents itself to the viewer.

Egor Kraft's open desktop case

This open-case desktop is part of a larger AI-driven sculpture art installation. Basically, the computer works 24/7 in order to generate ever-shifting 3D face models based on digitally restored greek statues.

In a way the concept feels very close to Memories of Passersby I by Mario Klingemann. But I must say I personally favor the rough, almost cyber-punk'ish esthetic, of this open dektop format over the elegant look of the jugendstil closet, that fully hides the computer. Almost as if the AI computer was not worthy of recognition for its crucial contribution to the artwork.

February 10, 2022

NTAA Zebrastraat Ghent

Yesterday I visited the international New Technological Art Award (NTAA) at Zebrastraat Ghent.

I highly recommend this diverse selection of artistic work within the (new) technological sphere.

With contemporary topics such as crypto mining, climate change, and A.I. characters, the artworks challenge our views on how technology relates itself to those topics.

The artwork below was my personal favorite, you'll have to discover the rest for yourself ;-)

Peter Burr (US) Dirtscraper | 2020 (2,5 m x 7 m wall projection)

This free exhibition runs February 5 - March 13, 2022
Zebrastraat 32/001 - 9000 Ghent - Belgium

Their website: