On Tuesday we were asked by the John & Jane audiovisual crew to come and join them into setting up all things necessary for a big business event soon to be happening at Tour & Taxis.

It's definitely not the first time working with Blue Dolphin Logistics for me, nor with John & Jane actually; But still, this one felt slightly different than normal! Let me explain.

In a way the abusive amounts of light gear, trusses, and flight cases reminded me a bit of my natural VJ habitat. That's unlike many other 'logistic' jobs, where all you get to work with are a few dozen of chairs, tables, candles, and cups. And if you're very lucky, maybe you'll get to set up a lamp or two, on a stick. ;-)

Although it was a physically tiring workday at Tour & Taxis, it was definitely worth the sweat! Working along friendly and motivated staff plays a huge role in this of course.