As I tend to slowly evolve more towards the event industry lifestyle, I'm glad to find myself enjoying the comfort that comes with hotels.

When I was younger, I often daydreamed about what a touring DJ lifestyle would be like (or VJ lifestyle, as it turns out ;-) ). I wondered whether I would strongly dislike or actually really enjoy spending lots of time in hotels and airports. Because that's exactly what I saw my biggest idols do at the time, day-in day-out (Deadmau5, Skrillex, Diplo, ...).

Turns out, I am totally in love with hotels! I'll tell you more, I even enjoy spending dead in-between time at airports and train stations. There's a very particular feeling to be appreciated spending time amongst a fleet of strangers. You get to catch many glimpses of all those individually unique lives.

Such public liminal spaces are often also a nice place to do some surface level self-reflection, without feeling too lonely in the process. #lifehack