Stoked to be back on the fields of Lommel to enjoy the finest of Drum & Bass and Dubstep.

Overall good vibes, also glad to see some brothers & sisters of the scene again.

Shout out to the light operators Niels, Dimitri, and Lode, also the event organizers Jeroen (Inceptionz/Invaderz), Mattéo (Bad Habtiz), and Elmo (Proxic).

I would like to talk about the power of merchandising.

So, for a while now Proxic has been selling all kinds of goods (both in real life and online) reaching from t-shirts to hats, shoulder bags to socks... And apparently they have been selling a whole lot of them!

Each time I look around to notice someone being seemingly from the Proxic-crew, I'm naturally drawn to go and talk to them. Often to find out they are 'just regular ravers' after all.

But ravers nevertheless! Ravers who clearly identify with the bigger Proxic family. A strong family I obviously consider myself also being a part of, having VJed for multiple consecutive years at their events now.

It builds strong bonds across otherwise-so-rigid frontiers, that suddenly become all relative. It's what we call building a community.