A few weeks back when I heard on the national news that rental companies were desperately looking for some helping hands with stage building this festival season, I was already hyped up! I felt like a key tailored to fit that specific lock.

But what they also mentioned on that same news topic is how those companies apparently also want you to have at least some experience with stage building and its safety measures. That's where they found this solution: A 2-week fast-track course where you're supposed to be taught all of the hardcore basics in order to get started, that came with a price tag of €350.

Hyped-up and ready to enroll I was, until I expressed my desire to follow such a course to my fellow classmate Vic, who happened to have some work experience in that specific field, working as a student under Blue Dolphin Logistics.

I asked him if he needed any experience prior to starting there, and was surprised to find out that wasn't a requirement for them. So very naturally I sent them an email, and next thing I know I'm here in Merelbeke learning how to put up a big tent whilst being paid to do so.