Much like my previous VJ gig in Roeselare, this event served a broad range of musical genres. Along with some great Funk and throwback RnB Classics, there was also a heavy dose of Techno and DnB to be enjoyed. It's lovely to have some variation throughout the night like that.

I was reminded once more how much of a 'hack' my Hackintosh truly is. It seemed I was unable to boot my system at first. Kept on restarting my desktop without much success. Had to boot up in safe-mode first, and was relieved to see my system behave normally when restarting it once more after that.

Another moment of slight adrenaline: Overcoming my fear of heights. Like last gig, I helped the logistics crew with breaking down the stage structure. Although this time, I was asked to remove some safety locks holding the light trusses securely on the ceiling. Which required both a ladder, and lots of confidence... But I managed after all!