This one-day creative conference hosted by the Devine students from Howest Kortrijk (Digital Design & Development) knocked my socks off. It reminded me once again how high they tend to set the bar at their institution. The same goes for the Digital Arts & Entertainment courses (aimed towards 3D Gaming Industry) that have been awarded the best in Game Design & Development for multiple years in a row by The Rookies.

I fell in love with the Opening Titles produced by WHOJO Creative Studio (also based in Kortrijk). It's just visual madness. It gives very disruptive Cyberpunk'esque vibes, but at the same time there's also a sleek and polished look to it. Great work! If you'd like to explore the AfterEffects workfiles behind these Opening Titles, the people at WHOJO choose to share them for free in the name of 'sharing is caring'.