I've been trying to remove all my traces of existence on Facebook, let me tell you the whole process is truly a pain in the ass.

Just when you think you deleted all items (manually, one by one) through your activity log, that's when you notice this doesn't include tags and posts on walls.

So this means, your profile page could be literally blank, but then when you go and look for your own name in the search bar, you still end up finding a bunch of very old (and very embarrassing) content.

You'll have to open all of the posts individually by clicking on the 'publishing date' and then choosing the 'remove my tag from this post' option.

But wait, because when you type your full name + the word 'photos' behind it, you again get to see a bunch of posts retrieved from the darkest corners of Facebook you had long forgot about.

Stay on that 'full name + photos' search results page, and then actually click on the photos tab. Boom! Yet another batch of photos coming to haunt you from your past.

Trust me, whenever you think you deleted every single interaction you ever shared (or was included in by others) on Facebook, there is still more to find. It feels like a never ending task of looking for hidden DELETE-buttons, and stumbling upon unknown errors when clicking on them.