I posted a YouTube video earlier on my blog to illustrate this unintentional interactive artwork I stumbled upon at my local bank facility. It went viral, I guess.

Now, although this video was originally meant to use on my blog only (labeled as 'unlisted' on YT), I noticed that YouTube labeled the video automatically as a 'YT Shorts' video. That's when things got interesting.

YT Shorts videos are very similar in format to the Instagram Reels and popular TikTok videos: Short and dynamic bits of vertically shot video footage that succeed in captivating an audience by being funny, sensational, or just looking pretty (amongst other things, of course).

When I noticed YouTube automatically converted some of my short-format vertically shot video uploads to YT Shorts, I couldn't help but think what the whole point was behind this (and also, why I didn't seem to have the option to upload as a regular video)?

Without spending too much thought on this anymore, I went on to upload some more videos of that type, until I noticed how my TROWFLOX YouTube channel reserved a blank category spot just for that specific format (all my YT Shorts were still labeled 'unlisted' at that moment).

So I decided I might as well try and see what would happen when putting some of those videos on 'public' instead of 'unlisted'. And sure thing, that previously blank category spot automatically got filled with all those YT Shorts videos I had published earlier. I thought the whole thing looked nice esthetically on my YouTube channel, so I kept it that way.

Not more than 3 days later, this is what I saw coming back to my own channel:

That one video suddenly reached up to a 3k+ view count.

Is this the true (and sole) purpose of the YT Shorts / IG Reel / TikTok format? The potential to go viral, cheaply and quickly, like an ever-mutating virus penetrating the minds of the laziest individuals it can find? Not sure.