About a year ago, I was asked by Hans Murdock (referral Blub VJ) to provide visuals for a DrarrieVille promotional recording.

The plan was to use this huge screen of content that would encompass the whole background for the artists to perform in front of.

That worked out great. Now, because I was asked by the technical crew to use their desktop computer exclusively (with custom Windows system), I wasn't able to perform using my regular VDMX5 VJ setup.

I adapted, and quickly built a custom Resolume Arena set from scratch, that I felt somewhat comfortable enough with to use in a way that allowed me to experiment on the fly, like I was used to from VDMX5 set.

The experience was not nearly the same for me to be honest. But then again I'm not in the right position to judge, having not yet tapped into the full potential of the Resolume Arena software.

Here's a full recording of the 'Eazy Lo' performance below.