In the morning I got a text message from co-freelance Dimitri Hanssens asking if I'd be available to step in for a VJ gig that night (due to an unplanned cancellation from the regular VJ). Not knowing what to expect, I set out to Roeselare's TRAX venue. That night did not disappoint.

The system and light crew were lovely to work with, and they even offered me to tag along with the break-down at the end of the event (paid of course). I told them it's something I've always wanted to experience, so I'm glad I did! I realized I never truly grasped the workload that comes with dismantling such a huge structure of mainly trusses, lights, and a lot of wires.

Also, that night was a LED-bar premiere for me (well, kinda...). I already experimented with LED-bars using DMX interfaces in the past, but here I had to use them in the context of a big event where I was the only VJ to be operating. The light technicians helped me out a bit in trying to figure this whole 'Artnet-IP-address' thing out, but this time (unlike before) I had to do without any help of my dear video-wizard mentors ;-).

Glad everything worked out just fine! Although, now being able to control these LED bars with my own VJ software, I'd like to take this a whole step further and program a custom way of operating the LED structures in a way that makes more sense to me (for usage within dynamic VJ set).