Great people, great music, great vibes, great organization, ... bad co-technicians.

I literally loved everything about this B2B edition at IKON Antwerp. I even got to face a full live crowd for the very first time, VJing from behind the DJ, in front of my own screen! More on this below*.

But the in-house light and sound technicians kind of ruined it for me. Without going into details, I definitely missed my usual (more dedicated) parters in crime on this one.

*Now, VJing in front of ones own screen has both it's perks and disadvantages.

Main disadvantage? You can't properly see what you're doing. Solution? Work with a lot (I mean, a lot) of virtual previews, to get some clearer sense of what you're doing.. or, use a mirror! Tried that last one, although it didn't quite work for me.

Main advantage? You get to face the crowd. And man, how a motivated crowd can pump you up like nothing else, it feels pretty amazing! And it just keeps you going, not only for yourself, but actually even more for them. Because they are the reason you're doing this whole thing for in the first place.