The 2nd performance day went great as well. Even got to enhance my VJ set a bit (soft- and hardware), also tweaked the laser animations a bit further. Also, I decided to change up the entire structure of the installation according to the room for it to make more sense in relation with the participants.

That said, I must admit there's still a whole lot of room for improvement to be made here.

I believe a lot happens at the same time (various elements spread across narrow space). Maybe the key here would be for me to let each element breathe more individually, almost one at the time, so each section gets its dedicated share of attention within the whole performance.

But in general I'm very glad that my project has a strong conceptual backbone, and that the main issues lie more in the technical execution of things. Because that was my whole motivation for going to art school in the first place, to get more familiar with the whole practice behind creating thoughtful personal work.