Last Thursday I attended the opening event of the Manned Flight exhibition at PILAR Brussels, where I met up with a bunch of my mentors and former (co-)students who worked on the project together. Most of them are now operating and active in the SEADS network.

Here's my modest attempt in trying to explain what their work is all about (it has so many layers to it, some of which I barely understand the surface of):

"A bunch of scientist studied how little organisms called 'rotifers' evolved over time, stored all the data behind their research, and then sent those creatures into space w/ one of Elon Musk's spacecrafts, only to bring them back later, and apply the same studies on them once again, in order to see how they evolved / altered in some way or another."

- Florian Giroul

Now, the méga cool thing about this, is that artists were then asked to try and make sense of all this data visually, and condense it into something that's a bit more insightful to the uneducated viewer on this scientifically deep topic (like myself).

I was truly left amazed by the particularly complex and detailed illustrations of Arise Wan. They have a very visceral quality to them, makes me want to animate the pieces!