gives "the potential of real life" a second chance through digital means.

He portrays the marvelous aesthetics of nature and the beauty of somewhat distant, yet intriguingly solid memories, perhaps from the near future. It's all shown through a 'digital lens', using topnotch VFX techniques and generative content, which makes it super relatable to today's youth, and his (safe to say) slightly 'geeky' fanbase.

It’s funny to see how Porter puts great importance in the visual aspect of the show being on stage himself. He constantly looks back at the LED screen to check if the content matches up with the rest of his performance.

At some point he just took a Macbook with a built-in webcam and pointed it towards the crowd, in order to show them on the LED screen behind him. And then he went on to turn the Macbook's webcam back towards the stage to capture himself, along w/ the LED screen behind him, therefore creating an endless video feedback loop. Very clever, I must admit!