Got myself a new mechanical keyboard because my previous one, the Logitech G413 (82EUR) purchased 3 years ago, started to behave weirdly (double keystrokes / ignoring some inputs). Main differences?

The Razer BlackWidow v3 (95EUR) has the ability to display all colors as backlight, whereas with the Logitech G413 you're stuck with red. Razer uses their 'Razer Green' switches which are basically a pro adaptation of the Cherry Blue switches, while Logitech uses their 'Romer G' switches that are closer to being a better version of the Cherry Brown switches.

The Razer BlackWidow v3 also has extra media buttons on top, that I think are quite handy now that I've been using them for a couple of hours. For tilting your keyboard slightly forward, the BlackWidow v3 provides two options either 6º or 9º, while the Logitech G413 can only tilt at one fixed angle of 8º.

I was happy with both keyboards, but the first one needed to be replaced due to dysfunctionalities. So I went for a similar (but up to date) model at the competing company. Hope it will be worth the test!