For the Digital Dimensions courses, I previously experimented with quadTrees in P5.js. Squares got replaced by circles, circles by abstract drawings, and then I ended up throwing in a bunch of other stuff.

I'm working with a random color picker from a defined palette here, also numbers are getting displayed randomly as 'labels'. The horizontal / vertical / bidirectional grid structures are drawn with some spacing in-between, that once again gets defined by elements of chance. Also messing around with push() & pop() transforms, and the P5.js filters such as blur and threshold.

Next steps? Minting these randomly generated artworks as NFT's on fx(hash), with some Tezos the teacher provided me. And of course, using video projection mapping again. The idea would be to project the generative artworks upon several blank record sleeves on a physical shelf, as if they were ever-changing cover art designs, for final presentation purposes.

Below is a video of me presenting the whole concept to my fellow classmates and the teacher, in Dutch.

Also, check out some of the uniquely generated album covers below the screen capture video.