My very first blogpost proclaimed I would delete all my social media, to replace them with writing this blog. I have since then reactivated Instagram account. More on that in this previous blogpost.

I also had to reactivate my Facebook profile on top of that now. Why? Because of events, really. There are three things with them:

  1. You can be assigned co-host of these events, in order to first of all invite your friends to them, and later on also keep track of any changes made on the page / react to any posted questions.
  2. You get to explore, and be notified on, what's happening around in the music event industry. Which is quite essential really, when you're working in that exact field.
  3. Maybe most importantly: Friends and event organizers can invite you to their gatherings, and you've got all of the info you need bundled right there on a single page (incl. !important timetables)

A problem was that I didn't want to reactivate my Facebook profile at all. I've been satisfied without it for a couple of weeks now. The solution though was a pretty easy one, in that it was almost identical to the solution I had for reactivating my Instagram, without falling in the trap of actively using it again: Purge & Unfollow.

Went through my archives / activity log, and with a lot of patience, managed to delete all things irrelevant to my Facebook account. Unfollowing people here felt less dramatic compared to Instagram, in that I could just select the 'unfollow' button instead of the 'unfriend' one.

So dear Facebook friends, great to have you still, but don't expect me to keep up no more. Although feel free to call or text me, and meet up anytime!

So what's next? Yet another social media update where I try to (poorly) justify why I'm crawling back to all of those cursed platforms? * wink *

Don't think so. I also don't really see the point in joining any new platforms from now on, knowing I'll probably be leaving them some time again in the future.

So, don't expect me on TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit, Discord, Twitch, or BeReal* any time soon.

*Don't be fooled folks, this is yet just another social media platform. \("°w°)/