I have this poster from Kurzgesagt at home, showing me an overview of the entirety of a lifespan. It hangs in front of my bed, reminding me every morning that our time on this planet is indeed very finite in a way. And the only way to extend our lives (just a tiny bit) beyond the borders of our defined time, is to create good work (and good memories) that last, despite of us not being around anymore.

It reminds us to pursue and to contribute with what we feel like is important (to us) in this day and age, and not to be too much of an asshole in the whole process.

Notice how I also chose to 'mark-out' the ages from 76 till 100? Well, the poster claims that age 76 is the 'Average life expectancy for men in the US'. And although I believe as Europeans our life expectations are slightly higher compared to those of the US, you never know! Especially in a world of mutating viruses, frequent natural disasters, and angry politicians with nuclear weapons at their disposal.