Went out at C12 Brussels with classmates yesterday, and Madame Moustache the week before. Boy, did we miss this. You can not even imagine!

Like I'll discuss in my bachelor paper (more info on that later this semester), in a world of many uncertainties and crises, this phenomenon of actively replacing frustration with salvation, is not only a logical but also a crucial development. Those social gatherings are meant to help us in escaping our current reality, in order to (re)connect with a higher self for a brief moment. As a kind of communal dance ritual, they have always played a huge part in our societies, effectively bringing peace of mind across many cultures in human history. And especially today, raves being a modern form of such transcendental practices, they are very appealing to individuals seeking out that feeling of conscious liberation from a heavy, mostly unpredictable life.

This rave culture, a culture that in the end is all about love and unity, is not ready to disappear any time soon. You can choose to lean into it, or you can surely choose to ignore it, if that's what you want to do. But you can never shut it down. Many tried before, none of them succeeded. For now, all I have to say is: Thank god they are back! And hope to see you soon at one of them :-)