Yesterday I saw Netflix' Don't Look Up! at my local cultural centre. These two things stuck with me:

I'm glad I actually quit social media.

Although the representation of mobile and social media usage for entertainment purposes is a bit exaggerated in the movie, I still see how our society could easily evolve towards such a reality. When we look at TikTok for example, and how younger generations consume on the platform, it's not really reassuring if you ask me.

The satisfaction that comes with making your own choices, regardless of popular opinion, feels surprisingly liberating.

When everyone seems to be strongly against your opinion or actively try to ignore you and decide to look the other way, you can do one of to things. You can choose to get frustrated and act on it, or to ignore it and go on. Although it seems like the second option won't bring you that far at first, and it could make you feel almost insignificant in a way, I do believe it's a healthier way to approach bigger issues and live in general.

I'm not saying you shouldn't express your opinion, I'm actually saying the exact opposite. I'm saying if you do so, do it in an authentic way, without paying to much attention to the noise surrounding it. If you have something to say, just say it, and those who want to hear you will listen. But from the moment you start shouting, that's when you lose everyone's attention, including your own.