Did I really delete all my social media?

My very first blogpost proclaimed I would delete all my social media, to replace them with writing a blog. So, did I? Well yes, and no.

After collecting my online data, I did actually completely delete all my social profiles. At first, I was very okay with it, I felt great even! But then some practical problems showed up. What about my VJ clients who had only contacted me through those platforms before? They don't have my phone number, and who I'm I to force them into a different way of communicating with me?

I also didn't like the idea that a random person could just claim the 'trowflox' alias on those platforms, all because of me leaving them available after I left.

So what was my solution? Since I really wanted to delete those profiles, but without having to disappear out of nowhere (which could feel a bit rude), I chose for a hybrid option. With Instagram for example, I chose to reactivate my profile so people could still 1. contact me through their favourite platform 2. find me online, if that's where there looking for me, in the hope to redirect them to my website instead. That's why I changed my bio to just a portfolio link and archived all of my posts. If you want to see what I made in the past? My website is where you can find all my work. And if you want to know what I'm currently working on? You can read my blog.

I also chose to unfollow almost everyone. Why almost? Just because I didn't want to seem like a dick following 0 people, really it was just that at first. But then it's also a nice way of positioning myself in the field I noticed. The less people you follow, the more they become part of the story you want to tell about yourself.

Same goes for Facebook, where there's this interesting option to deactivate your profile, but keep using Messenger as if you never left. Friends can even choose to invite you at events and ask you to join groups, they wouldn't even notice that were gone in the first place (read image below).