Last week we attended an introduction to the Digital Dimensions by Alexandra Crouwers, together with the students at LUCA School of Arts.

We got loads of inspiration from online references (mainly YouTube). At some point we dived into the NFT sphere. That's where I realized it must be a huge commitment to be present in that virtual-trading world! Much like building a name on Twitter, or jumping on the Metaverse bandwagon, once you start, I feel like you must go all the way, right?

That's also when I noticed I was doing the exact same thing with Instagram. Following trends, trying to keep up with posting for the sake of posting, almost like screaming into some kind of void at times.

Now, where the Digital Dimensions lectures really contributed, is in confirming that physical/tactile memories tend to stick the most for me! From all the visual references and crazy tools that where almost aggressively thrown towards us students (which was appreciated in a way), for me it was really the books and human interactions that stuck the most in hindsight.

Allow me to share some examples to demonstrate this visceral connection in a few bullet points.

  • How cool do these books look?! (and this is just their cover)
  • Try this trippy experience together with some friends. The important part is to actually do it with others, together! To share the same animation simultaneously (but also individually) so to speak.
  • One of my classmates, Jana, had the brilliant idea to turn learning the blender software into some kind of contest! With the four of us who agreed to participate, we tried to recreate the best Pikachu model possible, in only 15 minutes. After, we let the teacher decide which one she liked the best, and she chose Jana's! But then another classmate, Vic, had the equally brilliant idea to import her model into the Mixamo character animation tool. Here's the somewhat final result ... I totally dig it!