And two other events pending

Seems like now that the Belgian authorities announced venues are soon allowed to host large indoor events again, the industry is getting ready to organize like never before ... Including calling upon VJ services, and I'm so grateful for this!

This almost feels like finally coming back to my craft, except I've actually never left it in the first place. It's really bizarre to know I'm virtually VJ'ing full-time, except for the pandemic affected the event industry with such big hits, that at several moments I almost felt like I didn't VJ at all, and I'd be lying if I kept calling myself a professional VJ.

It's mostly the yo-yo effect that made the pandemic a very challenging period for many, both financially and mentally. Every time you feel like getting some fresh momentum, it gets taken away from you when the corona measures are tighten up once more.

So indeed you can imagine, when hearing from two event organizers about a new potential collaboration, and one other gig that basically got confirmed, I took it as one reassuring compliment.

See you soon at your local venue ... Come and say hi to your favorite VJ!