So, why start a blog? Because of social media.

Today this blog sees the light, while 3 social media pages die simultaneously.

Why, you ask? Several reasons.

  1. Social media tends to be toxic (and sometimes useless).
    1. I don't want to waste too much time on them anymore, reducing phone time.
    2. I'd prefer my visual inspiration to come from things that feel actually closer to me.
    3. With the idea of practicing what I preach, I invite you to join me in this venture.
  2. Social media platforms change a lot over time!
    1. I'm done trying to keep up with what's new and trendy.
    2. Even if that means I'll have to deal with FOMO.
    3. I'd rather deal with FOMO than online anxiety :-)
  3. This blog is an opportunity to explore new ideas, and to grow through them.
    1. Following the advice of many productive people, this works apparently.
    2. I'd like to, hopefully, produce more thoughtful content. And less bits of quick hype.
    3. Combining the idea of (public) morning pages, every-days and making a promise here.